Willow Garage Website Review & Ratings + Willow Garage Coupons
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Willow Garage Website Review & Ratings + Willow Garage Coupons

Willow Garage : Products & Services

Willow garage are developers of open source software for robotics applications and are a privately funded research lab collaborating with researchers worldwide for developing robotic devices. Their ROS platform is popular among robotic researchers and developers. It provides them device drivers, libraries and much more for free and these applications can be changed according to the researcher’s requirements. Details about their open source tools and libraries can be found on their website.

Willow Garage : Company Background

Established in late 2006 Willow garage was founded by Scott Hassan. Comprising of experts in robot design they are committed to assist and further develop software and hardware related to robotics. With an open source platform they work with researchers globally contributing to robot operating system. Based in California, USA, they are an integral part of open source robotics community.

Willow Garage : Customer Feedback & Reviews

Providing an open source application to developers’ worldwide, Willow garage has given students and developers an opportunity to create their personal robots. Their efforts were praised by ZDNet who applauded their open source stating, “Willow Garage show how open source is supposed to work”.  Robotics business review complemented their open source technology commenting they were “redefining automation” with their latest venture hidOF, Inc.

Willow Garage : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Despite not being accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau) Willow garage is a reputed open source robotics developer, trusted by researchers and scientists worldwide. Their ventures related to creating robots that can perform multiple tasks in the human environment have received ample media coverage. ‘Robots for Humanity’ a project of Willow garage was covered by CBS evening news for its astounding success in helping people with motor impairments. Besides being in the media their scientists have also been nominated for prestigious awards. One of their researchers Leila Takayama  was a part of ‘The 100 Most Creative People in Business 2012’.

Willow Garage : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa has placed Willow garage on a global traffic rank of 139,826, whereas in the USA it is ranked on #107,637 when compared with other websites. With an online presence of six years Willow garage has 1,650 visitors per day. Moreover, Google PageRank has given it 6 points out of 10 (10 being the highest), which is really good.

Willow Garage : Social Media Presence

Willow garage certainly like to make their presence known through social media networks. They have provided links to their Flickr, YouTube and Twitter accounts on their homepage. Their Flickr page has an awesome archive of photos by Willow garage robots showing off their skills. On Twitter they have 3,844 followers with most tweets by Willow garage about their applications and research work. Their YouTubevideos show interesting functions carried out by their PR2 robots and other inventions.

About their blog; it is regularly updated by posts from Willow garage about their latest upgrades, press releases and new applications. An interesting feature of their blog is their YouTube videos, which are uploaded with almost every post.

Willow Garage : Website Security & Safety

Upon being checked with Google diagnostic test , Willow garage was found safe, virus free and secure to browse. Their website was not listed as suspicious, neither was there any evidence of malicious software being downloaded or installed from it. Hosted on one network it was last visited by Google on January 29, 2013.

Willow Garage : Pricing & Packages

Willow garage offers its PR2 robot development platform for sale, helping create personal robots that can successfully navigate human environments with pincer grips to hold and move around objects. Being a rare breed these come at an exorbitant price of $400,000. However Willow garage also offers an alternate version PR2 SE which has fewer features for $285,000.

Their competitor thecorpora.com are also open source hardware and software developers for personal robot creation, and have their own unique products at par with Willow garage. Their prices differ from Willow garage according to their hardware and software platform.

Willow Garage : Shipping Rates & Policies

According to the shipping policy defined by Willow garage, shipment and taxes of any PR2 platform purchased are incurred by them irrespective of the location to be delivered.  They ship their PR2 robots worldwide to research and academic institutions that further their research through their technology. So far Willow garage has shipped their PR2 to three continents besides USA, including UK, Canada and India.

Willow Garage : Payment Methods Accepted

The payment options for PR2 platform have not been mentioned on their website. Involving a large transaction it can be assumed payments are either conducted through wire transfer or other modes involving transactions through banks. They also offer memberships which are free of any subscription charges although members are responsible for the content they submit and have to consent to share it with other fellow researchers.

Willow Garage : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Willow garage does not offer a refund or money back guarantee on its PR2 platform applications. However, they have a discount award program offering 30% discount on their PR2 system for researchers cutting down the cost of PR2 to $280,000 and PR2 SE below $200,000. This award is for researchers making outstanding contributions to open source research and acceptance for this award is subject to a strict criteria.

Willow Garage : Product images & screenshots
Willow Garage Coupons
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